What drives us.

What drives us.

It's not just our five closest people that make us the person we are, but our entire environment. For me personally, art and design are among the most formative factors. I am attached to pure creativity and expression.

Mass inundation does not make it easy to appreciate art and especially photography. Thousands of new posts on social media every day. Guided by the algorithm that determines what is popular and what is not.

Our intention is to create a place where art is selected and appreciated, that is Boêmio. Away from mass consumption and overpowering. Boêmio is a value based online gallery that is making its way into the analogue world. In very close collaboration with our artists, we create a place of appreciation and creative exchange, guided by minimalism, spirit and salty air.

Each of our prints is printed on very high quality Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper. A heavy-duty paper with a textured finish. 

Our aim is to achieve the best possible quality, which is why we are very careful about the standards of our labs. We also ship our prints worldwide, the shipping costs are covered by us.

Besides Boêmio's online and analogue exhibitions, it is our aim to share a blog with art related content and what moves us. This will happen here on the blog and in an upcoming weekly newsletter. 

Our Art exhibitions, designed as a whole event and experience, will next take place in Lisbon and Hamburg. I can't put into words how much I am looking forward to Boêmio's first live experience! 2023 is so close. To keep up to date, feel free to sign up for the newsletter, I'm very excited to see Boêmio's community growing <3

- Noëlle

December 09, 2022 — Noëlle Kollenberg